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  • Leslie Lynn Nifoussi

Get Real

Ok, you've 'gotten over it' per the instructions from my last post. Yay! Now, my advice to you is to Get Real!

And by that, I mean that we all have to be realistic about what we are presenting to the world. It comes down to the everyday we dress, what we eat, who we hang out with.

Don't judge yourself, just observe the wild. For instance, what did you have for breakfast today? No judgements, just answer already.

Did you wake up, down some raw eggs and hit the gym? Well, then you might think about starting your lifestyle modeling career with a focus on fitness. You won't necessarily be pigeon-holed as a fitness model but if you're interested in working out, you'll definitely be more comfortable, say, posing in a gym or demonstrating a curtsy lunge on video. It would be a good, realistic place to start.

This may seem like nonsense but the point of it all is to help you understand where you might fit in in the world of lifestyle modeling and, in the bigger picture, what your brand will become. Didn't think you were a brand, did you? Wrong!

This advice will help tons when we get to the blogs about choosing which agencies you will submit to first. When I started, I was so all over the place that I wasted time chasing agencies that I just didn't belong in. I had to get real and observe myself first and then figure out how I wanted to present myself to my perspective agents and also to the world (and by 'the world', I mean Instagram...of course...duh).

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