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  • Leslie Lynn Nifoussi

Get an Agent my agent. You want to be able to say these words. Not only is it really cool to say, it's also very necessary in any kind of performing arts, including modeling.

You need a marketer. You need a negotiator. You need an advisor. You need an agent.

Like all of the great answer-seekers in history, your search will start with Google. You are going to want to search for agencies near you first. If there are some agencies in your nearest city, perfect. During the submission process, you may be dropping off some information about yourself in person. After they sign you, you're going to want to drop off Starbucks.

I first submitted to an agency that was less than 5 minutes from my house. They passed on me.

The first agency that SIGNED me was a 3 hour drive away. I made the drive to drop off photos that I had taken for the submission process. I knocked on the door and got some face time with one of the bookers at the agency. She called me back for a test shoot so I made the drive again. She signed me, so I made the drive again. Needless to say, the coffee was really cold by the time I dropped it off.

I advise you to start close to home because it is the easiest place to start. But you don't have to, of course. Today, agency submissions work like this: you fill out an online form and take some digitals (pictures) with your cell phone (see my next blog post about said digitals). Then, you wait. If you don't hear back in about a month, submit again. Wait again. Repeat the process in another month. I submitted to my first agency twice, after the second time, I went there in person, pictures in hand and scored.

Just one more thing before I go. Never pay for an agent. Ever. If an 'agent' is asking for money up front or telling you that you have to use this photographer or studio for an up-front investment in your soon-to-be-sky-rocketing career, get out of there FAST.

Agents are paid a commission when they find you a job and you book it. The commission is usually taken out of the funds paid from the hiring client before you even see your paycheck. More on that later. Ok, now I really have to go!

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