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  • Leslie Lynn Nifoussi

Get on a Schedule

Because I am older and wiser allow me this one thing...I'm going to just assume that you, being a vivacious, determined and headstrong millennial with lots going on in your life, may not be on the best schedule for your new life as a lifestyle model.

Scheduling comes into play in a lot of different ways in this profession. Right now, before reading another line (finish this sentence, of course) you should schedule a time to resubmit to any agencies that you've already submitted to. Put it right in your phone - whatever date you first submitted, submit again about a month later. That's, of course, if you haven't heard back from them. If you've heard back and set up a meeting, great!! Congratulations, that's a great feeling and you're on your way!

Now let's really talk about your schedule when things start to get real. Here's what will happen if you do sign with an will <hopefully> be asked to go on castings. Castings are held during the normal working day and if you currently hold a full-time job, that's going to be hard to swing. You really have to think about how pursuing your new career is going to affect your old career. Can you do both at the same time until you can model full time? Can you switch jobs to one with a more flexible schedule or evening hours? Think about what really works for you at this point in time and try to make that happen.

Other things you should be scheduling for are...sleep (for realsies), haircuts, nail appointments, gym time, take-care-of-your skin time, teeth maintenance time and so many more that we'll cover later. When you get an alert on your phone that says "Take care of your teeth - in 5 minutes" then you know you're in the game!

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