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  • Leslie Lynn Nifoussi

Get a S K I N C A R E Routine (and stick to it)

Ugh...ukkk....gross...look at my face. Do I look like a happy camper to you? No, no I don't. I did this to myself though. Leave the makeup on, I said. Don't wash your face, I said. You have a Skype interview later, I said. It'll be fine, I said. Well, you can guess how that turned out.

Two days of heavy makeup left my pores clogged and my skin dull.

The best thing that I can do to fix my skin issue is to stick to my normal skincare R O U T I N E. The one that I've altered throughout the years as I've gotten older, had kids, developed a love/hate relationship with my hormones...

Like most things in my life, I keep it S I M P L E because if I don't then I know I won't be consistent.

That, and I know that the more I do to my skin, the more it gets annoyed with me and flares up.

The thing is, I cannot tell you what skincare routine or products will work best for you because your skin is Y O U R S and mine is M I N E. And your skin is affected by your diet, your environment and your stress level.

Here's what I use on my S K I N:

Makeup Remover

Face Wash


Lotion with sunscreen

Under Eye Cream

Night Cream

Lip Balm

I have my favorites but I'll break those down in later blog posts.

D I E T and E X E R C I S E are key for great skin, too.

My A D V I C E for great skin:

1. T Y P E: Figure out what kind of skin you have...are you oily? dry?

2. P R O D U C T S: Find products that work for you - you'll need a face wash, toner, lotion with sunscreen, lip balm, under-eye cream and night cream

3. C O N S I S T E N C Y: When you have the right combination of natural products be consistent with your routine.

4. E A T , S L E E P and M O V E: Be good to your skin by cleaning up your diet, getting a good night's rest and moving your body during the day.

Ask me questions, tell me lies, comment, rate and subscribe. I will be back with more skincare talk in future posts!!

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