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  • Leslie Lynn Nifoussi

Get N U T R I T I O U S ingredients for your smoothie...

As promised in my last post, I am going to break down some of the key ingredients in my favorite morning smoothie.

Let me interject (is it still an interjection if you are interrupting yourself??)...I have experimented with a delicious pumpkin smoothie this season and may bring you that recipe if I can perfect it. Stay tuned!

Right now, however, we should focus on the task at hand. Convincing you that you should try the smoothie that I make and then tell me over and over again why you love it. Deal? Ok, fine.

The one and only reason I go back to this smoothie on the daily is the protein powder I use. I've always detected an aftertaste with other powders but this one...this one is good. Gooooddddd!!!

The Organic Plant Protein by Garden of Life jumped out at me while in my local health food store (shout out to Nutrition Wise!) because of the flavor...wait for it...Smooth Coffee. That was it for me. Sold.

Here are some of the benefits:

* No aftertaste

* Blends smooth, not gritty

* Contains Live Probiotics and Enzymes (helpful litter buggers!)

* Gluten-free and no soy, wheat or dairy

* There's coffee in it, people. Coffee!!

Check the label for the rest but yes, there is coffee in it so if you are staying away from caffeine then you are SOL, you know what I mean?

The other thing. Oh, the other thing. How I love this other thing.

Organic, virgin Coconut Oil...just a dab will do ya! I probably use less than a teaspoon and it's benefits are numerous...

Check out this article on the benefits of coconut oil and see for yourself...

Other ingredients in my smoothie are banana and we really need to go over the health benefits of bananas and spinach??

Now go out there and blend, my friends, blend like you've never blended before!

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