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  • Leslie Lynn Nifoussi

Get these top 5 B E A U T Y groceries...

Ok, I may have overdone it...just a little.

Last night was Halloween and I know, I know, I'm no longer the adorable child - and I was, according to my mom, adorable - who is overly excited by the thought of collecting mounds of sweet treasures.

But the combination of the candy, the drinks from the 'fun-wagon' that accompanies our trick-or-treat caravan, the pumpkin bread that I decided to make yesterday and the crazy Halloween party that goes on in our neighborhood that left me feeling over-stimulated before bed and puffily-exhausted by morning.

I do have some tricks up my sleeve for days like November 1st, January 1st, July 5th...or any day that you're just not feeling like your best self and you need a refresher. It involves what I call 'beauty' groceries.

Get out those frozen cucumber slices!

1. Drink water & green tea. All day.

The first thing I do, of course, is drink water. Plain water to start and then I throw a green tea bag in my water bottle for the rest of the day.

2. Grab your frozen cucumbers.

The next thing I do is grab the bag of frozen cucumber slices that I keep tucked in the back corner of my freezer.

These are a life saver when you've got a little extra puffiness around your eyes or if you just need a pick-me-up in the morning.

I let them sit out on my counter for about 10 minutes before using them because they are frozen and really cold. Once they've thawed for a little bit, I hold them over my eyes for 10-15 seconds at a time, in between other things that I have to do. Your kids will give you strange looks. Your husband will try them immediately.

I hold them under my eyes and around my mouth (laugh lines). Then, I walk around, unknowingly, with cucumber seeds on my face. Don't do this. Check the mirror before you go out!

3. Mash up a banana mask.

Mash up some over ripe bananas and apply to your face for 10 minutes. Rinse. A banana mask will brighten up your dull complexion and exfoliate your skin, leaving behind a new, albeit crazier-because-you-just-put-a-banana-on-your-face, you.

4. Sit with a strawberry mask.

Fresh out of bananas? Try mashing up the last few strawberries in your fridge, adding a teaspoon of honey and using that as a mask. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse. The strawberries exfoliate and the honey cleanses. A perfect combination!

5. Use your homemade coffee scrub.

A shower is definitely in your near future, so take your coffee scrub in there and give your body the exfoliation and caffeine-stimulation it needs to get going. Here's how to make one:

Mix: cup coffee grounds with a cup of sugar and a 1/2 cup of oil (coconut or olive).

Now that you've taken care of the outside. Go ahead and get some beauty foods on the inside, as well. You'll be feeling great in no time!

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