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  • Leslie Lynn Nifoussi

Get a Shoe Bag and put these 5 essential looks in it!

I'm a mom of two and I remember the days of carrying around a big, bulky diaper bag. That was my purse, my makeup kit and of course, held all of the essentials that my little angels required to get us through a shopping trip at Target. I remember thinking that when my kids are out of diapers, I would NEVER carry around anything bigger than my phone. Well, you know what they say about the word 'NEVER'. They say NEVER SAY IT ;)

And, my how things have changed. Along my journey through this wonderful world of modeling, I travel heavy. It's a requirement! I always have my makeup kit on my arm (that's my new diaper bag) and I always have luggage.

One of the essential bags that I bring on every shoot is my shoe bag. I keep it packed an in my car and I reserve these shoes for shoots and not everyday wear.

It NEVER (there's that word again) fails that when you think you won't need a certain pair of shoes, they are exactly the ones that would a) complete the look b) be the most practical c) keep you from wearing someone else's {used and possibly fungal} shoes and d) all of the above.

What's in my SHOE BAG? Think Audrey Hepburn in her black pencil pants and super cute black flats.

Shoes, duh.

Next Question?

Just kidding.

Here's the real answer:

1. The perfect canvas sneaker. And by perfect I mean clean, neutral in color, inexpensive (in case they get ruined) and logo free.

2. Your sexiest heels. Hey, you never know when you'll need to whip out these sultry bad boys but when you do, watch out! Also, let's not discount the fact that heels do complete a look. Even if you won't be seeing your feet in the shot. You know you're wearing them and you know that they're making you look like the fierce wombat of a woman that you are.

3. Ballet Flats. Think about (the Queen and my absolute favorite style icon) Audrey Hepburn and her black pencil pants and flats. Perfect. Classic. Timeless. You will use these babies more than you know. I would get a neutral pair, a black pair and a cheetah print pair because...does there need to be reason for cheetah print?!?

4. Office Pumps. Sensible, take me seriously or I will fire you heels. Best to bring these in nude and black.

5. Sandals & Socks - Not to be worn together, ever in life :) I keep a pair of plain black sandals in my bag, for walking around studio floors and to slide on for quick changes. The socks will come in handy at some point, even if it's just for warmth.

Now you know what should be in your shoe bag! Good luck out there, models!!

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