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Need a Pick Me Up? Pick Up these foods

I am feeling every bit of Monday this morning. I'm not usually one of those "I hate Mondays" types but this week I'm feeling a little bit like I do not want to face what lies ahead.

I have some castings, some shows and a few long commutes on the agenda and, although I'm happy for the work, I am feeling a little sluggish and off my game.

Could this pessimistic attitude be the result of my diet over the weekend? Maybe it was the two days that I skipped my green smoothie, opted for dessert for dinner and just plain let it all go to you know where?

The foods we consume certainly affect how we feel, especially in the days following some not-so-healthy eating. Choose wisely to feel like your best self.

Below are 5 of the foods that I should have consumed this weekend and maybe my Monday would feel more like a Friday. Oh, who am I kidding? Monday can never feel like Friday. I'll stretch it and say maybe my Monday could feel like a...Wednesday?

B Vitamins:

I do follow a whole foods, plant-based diet (pats herself on the back) and I know that I have to supplement my B vitamins. It's not that my diet wouldn't provide me the necessary B vitamins (60 years ago, it would have) as B vitamins actually come from the soil. When you eat animals, you get the B vitamins that they've ingested by eating plants. Since we have to clean our fruit and veggies thoroughly to rid them of pesticides and other bacteria, we are washing away that soil-y, B-vitamin-rich goodness.

B vitamins and folic acid are active participants in the brain chemicals that regulate mood. Starve your brain of these important links in the chain and your mood may take a downward trajectory.

You can find B vitamins in foods like eggs, chicken and yogurt. Of course, leafy greens are life and they provide folate which is vital to our mood. Low levels of folate have been consistently to depression.

Fatty Acids:

My whole foods, plant-based diet provides plenty of these (pats herself on the back again). I just have to make sure I am eating them! Found in walnuts, avocados (and also cold-water fish), fatty acids are great mood-elevators because they contain omega-3s.

Vitamin D:

I live in the SUNSHINE state and sometimes I do not get enough Vitamin D. I'm always covered up against the sun's rays and I do not spend that much time outside. In fact, I did not go outside for the entire weekend! If you live in a cold climate, you may not be getting out much either. Plus, if you are an A+ skin student, you slather on a daily dose of sunscreen. Great for your skin, terrible for your vitamin D levels. Boost your mood by getting at least 20 minutes of sunshine per day and let it soak into your hands and arms (if you have sunscreen on your face). Take a walk during lunch? Sit by a window while having your afternoon coffee? Sounds like a plan but don't over do it without sunscreen!


Probiotics are a tough one for me because I am never sure that I am putting the correct strains into my body. I like the theory though! It all comes down to gut health and to this, I can attest. You know it doesn't feel great when the plumbing is backed up. That happens when your not feeding your body what it needs - real, whole foods. The result: bloating and sadness. Check out some more research on probiotics here.

Caffeine and Alcohol:

Limit these. I know those were not the words you were hoping to read after the title. It's true, these two tricksters make you feel great one moment and then ruin your sleep patterns (among other things). Keep consumption in check and see how it feels. Easier said then done, I know.

Here's to helping yourself and your mood!


The source for this post is: Want to Life Your Spirits? These are 5 of the Most Effective Foods for Getting you There by Peter Economy. Jan 27, 2020, Inc.

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