• Leslie Lynn Nifoussi

What's up with the negative voice inside my head?

Who is that? Who is incessantly droning on inside your head with nothing nice to say and how did she get there?

Whoever she is, she's NOT you. You are the TOP bish, so claim that spot like you own the place.

Actually, you do own the place. It's YOUR head! That is YOUR space. What are you filling it with?

The negativity can come from about a thousand different places each and every day. Instagram is one that pops into mind pretty quickly. Social media in general is a HUGE catalyst for negative internal commentary. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others and coming out behind. How is it possible that everyone is having more fun and a better life than we are? News flash: they're not!

Once that negativity kicks in, what we say to ourselves can be downright cruel. We would never speak to others in the way that we speak to ourselves. There is no filter, no niceties. We don’t sugar coat. We often see ourselves as failures, as less than, as imperfect.

But, has that bully that's been hanging around ever really been a motivating factor for you? Has it ever gotten you anywhere? For me, I get motivated when I see small results; when I am taking action and then seeing the results of those actions, not when I am beating myself up for being knuckle-deep in the ice cream container.

Of course, this conversation with ourselves is tied to our self-esteem. When we devalue ourselves, how can we possibly make a good, clear decision about anything? When we aren’t being nice to ourselves, we're under cutting our self-trust, as well. We wind up looking to others for answers and guidance as we seem to trust them more than ourselves to make decisions. We are better than this, we are stronger than this.

We’ve got to pull ourselves up and out of the loop. That non-stop chatter that is in our minds pointing out every little thing that we have judged as being negative. You can’t possibly understand and know yourself if you are constantly putting yourself down. We must offer ourselves grace and gratitude and love and compassion.

How do we do this? There's no switch to just flip on, is there?

Yes, there is a switch. It's in there, you just have to find it. Then, we have to talk back to the negative self talk. Stop in its tracks. Cut the negative voice off, be rude to it, treat it like it treats us.

Let's focus on one word today - COMPASSION. I have compassion for myself. That means that I'm not perfect but I understand my own struggle and I am PATIENT with myself. How nice is that?

Protect yourself from that negative Nelly that's rattling around inside your brain. You're WORTH protecting. You can DO THIS!

Helping you help yourself!


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