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What To Do When There is Nothing To Do

I was on a roll, even in the middle of the pandemic. I was booking hosting and commercial acting jobs and, boy, was I grateful. Then, just like that, I hit a wall. The jobs slowed down and I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. Why? Was I doing something wrong? Something different? Or, maybe it was a function of the cyclical nature of my career choice. I could sit and ponder those questions and others (and I have) but it does not do much good to dwell on the fact that I am not booked, as I would like to be.

Besides, there are a million reasons why our modeling and acting careers glide effortlessly up hill and then plunge into deep, dark valleys. The key is to not get stuck in the divot. The best thing to do is fill UP your DOWN time with career-promoting action.

5 Career Enhancing Activities to Fill Your Down Time

You continue to work on your craft, get some housekeeping out of the way and then relax, that's what!

  • Review your last few #casting submissions - yes, you'll cringe a little but when that's done, ask yourself what could have been improved. Was your lighting decent or were you overblown? How was your audio. I've recently been casting in my dining room and I've noticed that it is a little 'echo-y'. Would a director find that distracting? Possibly? Can I make it better? Yes, I can by putting a rug under me to absorb some sound, getting a bluetooth lavalier microphone or moving my whole setup to a smaller room.

  • Review the submission for the last job that you landed. This is actually fun. View it with the same intent - what did I do right? Was I a little more relaxed here? A little bit happier/more smile-y? Did I nail the tone of the script?

  • Catch up on your accounting: spend time making sure you have created invoices for your recent jobs in your accounting software. Take pictures of your business receipts. Categorize your mileage. Review your accounts receivables and reach out to any of your #modelingagencies that have not paid you yet for jobs, but should have!

  • Organize your online profiles on casting sites and your own website. Make sure your resume is up to date. Think about when you can update your #lifestyleimages with a professional photographer. Collect video clips from your jobs to use on your online portfolio. Update your digital reel. Reach out to contacts in production that you have not connected with in a while. Make sure you have responded to all of your social media comments.

  • #Relax - this is the one that I have trouble with...actually doing nothing when you have nothing to do. It is okay to take some #youtime and sip a cocktail by the pool or catch up on your favorite show in the middle of the day. Taking this time for yourself is just as important for your career as doing numbers one through four above. Schedule your relaxation time like your would a dentist appointment. It's good for the soul. #fillupyourdowntime

As a model, actor and on-camera talent, your career is in your hands. It's important to be booked, yes, but it also important to take care of the 'behind the scenes' housekeeping that will ensure your business (and you!) keeps running in the future.

Go out there a break a leg, because I've got your back!



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